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Requirement: Supported Logical Networks for Target System




      Installers must support being able to separate network traffic for OpenStack + SDN controllers into these logical networks:
      1) Admin network - used by OpenStack for Admin user traffic
      2) Private network- used by OpenStack for inter-component traffic
      3) Public network- user + internet access. References OpenStack public network.
      4) Storage network - for storage related traffic only

      OpenStack is configurable in that it allows its components to be bound to specific networks. Installers should also support configuring OpenStack this way, and separating components/traffic across these logical networks.

      For example, keystone admin endpoint should only be available on the Admin network. Access to keystone admin endpoint on Public network would not be allowed.

      Note: This requirement does not restrict installers from deploying other types of logical network configurations such as combining all traffic into a single logical network, or combining some logical networks into one. The requirement simply states that the 4 listed above must be supported and the default option.

      An optional 5th network for lights out management (IPMI access) is also typically used (especially with baremetal deployments), but it is beyond the scope of this requirement (logical OpenStack networks), and it's network definition/configuration should be defined by the environment/POD being used.


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