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Test Case: OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TC032_SDNVPN: Tenant separation


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      Latest version of the test specification can be found at: https://wiki.opnfv.org/sdnvpn/main

      Using VPNs for tenant separation Description: Using VPNs to isolate tenants so that overlapping IP address ranges can be used

      Test setup procedure:

      set up VM1 and VM2 on Node1 and VM3 on Node2, all having ports in the same Neutron Network N1.
      VM1 and VM2 have IP addresses in a subnet SN1 with range 10.10.10/24
      VM3 has an IP address in a subnet SN2 with range 10.10.11/24
      Set up VM4 on Node1 and VM5 on Node2, both having ports in Neutron Network N2
      VM4 has an address in a subnet SN1b with range 10.10.10/24
      VM5 has an address in a subnet SN2b with range 10.10.11/24
      Test execution:

      Create VPN 1 with iRT=eRT=RT1 and associate N1 to it
      ping from VM1 to VM2 and VM3 should work
      ping from VM1 to VM4 and VM5 should not work
      Create VPN2 with iRT=eRT=RT2 and associate N2 to it
      ping from VM4 to VM5 should work
      ping from VM4 to VM1 and VM3 should not work


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